Educational Leadership Program


Columbia River Institute offers an educational leadership track for students or graduates who are interested in a teaching or administrative career in massage therapy.

  • This program is open to students or graduates of Columbia River Institute only.  While in school, students must demonstrate:
  • Excellent attendance
  • Strong leadership skills with classmates
  • Strong participation and leadership in group activities
  • An ability to speak well to a group of people
  • At least 90% on all graded activities
  • A demonstration of self-motivated learning beyond the minimum expectations

In addition to the above, students must graduate and become employed as a massage therapist as their primary career.   

Graduates that are accepted into the program are required to do 250 supervised instructional internship in the classroom and clinic over a maximum of two years. The breakdown is 100 hours of classroom internship, 100 hours of clinic internship and 50 hours one-on-one with Annie  There is no additional cost for these hours and it is unpaid.   Candidates of the program will observe and assist with classes and receive input on managing a classroom.  Candidates  will work one-on-one with Annie learning how to structure classes, create learning outcomes, design curriculum and enhance leadership skills.  They will design classes that will be taught to entry-level massage students.  These classes will be observed and critiqued by Annie.  Students who successfully complete the Educational Leadership Program will be expected to provide complementary guest teaching to CRI for 20 full class days over the course of the two years after the program is completed.  
The teacher track will be limited to a maximum of three highly qualified candidates at a time.  This is open to all former graduates and current students of CRI who fit the qualifications list above.  Contact Annie if you would like to discuss it further.  Graduates who have not been practicing massage as a primary career will not be considered.