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Enrollment Considerations

In addition to basic requirements for enrollment, there are additional considerations for success in this program.  Please carefully consider the following before applying:

  • We used tablets in the classroom frequently.  Tablets are provided by CRI. A basic working knowledge of tablet usage is required.  It is not within the time constraints of this program to individually tutor students on the usage of electronics.
  • There is a requirement to access the internet for research.  Students must be comfortable with this or willing to learn on their own time. Assignments will not be adjusted for students who are not internet savvy.
  • There are assignments that require a basic working knowledge of word processing systems.  You must be able to produce a typed document. The preferred platform is Google Drive because it enables sharing assignments with the instructors.  Students unfamiliar with using Drive are STRONGLY encouraged to get familiar with this before beginning the program.  It will require a Gmail address.  Many students create a Gmail address exclusively for school work.  
  • Some projects in the program require the use of a computer. Assignments cannot be done on a phone or tablet.  For students that do not own a computer, there are many ways to complete these assignments without purchasing a computer.  Libraries and computer labs are just a couple suggestions for access to free computer usage. Adjustments will not be made for students based on not being able to access a computer.  For students that live in remote areas without internet, they will need to plan ahead to do work at places with internet access.
  • We use electronic charting software in the student clinic.  It is done on the tablets provided by the school.  We will train the students to use this program but a basic familiarity with tablet usage is required.
  • An email address is required.  Frequent (daily) checking of email will be required.
  • It is strongly recommended that during the course of the program you do not schedule vacations outside of the normal school breaks.  The program moves quickly and it is difficult to make up classes quickly.  We have a very strict attendance policy.
  • We understand that some of our older students can have a sense of overwhelm regarding technology.  We understand that our younger students can do a lot with just a phone. However, in the case of this program, a desktop or laptop will be needed.  Please strongly consider your level of willingness to adapt to the the nature of this program before applying.
  • Tutoring for skills outside of the massage therapy curriculum are not provided through Columbia River Institute.  If additional tutoring is needed in the above areas, you must pursue this on your own.