If you are considering Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy, please take the time to read the CRI Manifesto.  It will give you an excellent idea of what this program is about beyond massage therapy.   This Manifesto must resonate with YOU!  If you are not inspired, motivated or excited by the following words, CRI may not be the right place for you.


We ascertain that touch is foundational for holistic wellbeing. We accept nothing less than massage as healthcare.  We believe that evidence-formed practice is a non-negotiable foundation.  We consider research-literacy an essential skill of the massage therapist.

We relentlessly break down preconceived notions about ourselves in the pursuit of professional and personal improvement.  We tirelessly seek intellectual expansion.  We fiercely believe that our limitations are false constructs of our mind and we strive to destroy them.

We insist on mutual respect. We practice radical candor as a building block for professional development. We engage fully in the pursuit of our passion.  We encourage and celebrate the success of one another.

We are committed to individualized education.  We know that school is only the beginning of lifelong learning.   We cultivate critical thinking and resourcefulness.  We celebrate intellectual independence.  We encourage insatiable curiosity.  We love the artistic expression of each individual massage therapist while honoring the science that informs our treatment decisions.

This is our soul.  This is our life’s work.