Tuition for the 750-hour program is $13,250.00 (as of March 2018). Tuition is subject to change.

Columbia River Institute offers three in-house payment options.  There is a carrying fee in addition to tuition.  The fee depends on the payment plan chosen.  Detailed payment plans can be found here.  The first payment is due in order to secure your spot in the program.  Payments begin the month before the program begins.

The payment plan is managed by CRI unless the student misses a payment or defaults on the payments, in which case the account is referred out to a debt management agency and interest is added to the balance.


We do not accept any federal financial aid such as FAFSA.   We are contracted with several state agencies which may fund your education depending on qualifications.  Some of these agencies include Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, WorkSource, SkillSource,  and Labor and Industries.  We do not contact them on your behalf and we cannot provide advice regarding your qualifications at these agencies.  If you are currently working with one of these agencies, you can ask them directly if you qualify for funding.  Each of these agencies has very specific criteria that Columbia River Institute is not able to speak to.

Students often ask about grants.  There are many grants available but Columbia River Institute does not recommend any particular grants and does not assist students in acquiring grants.