Our primary purpose is to train excellent future massage therapists.  To that end, the clinic provides massage to the public at a discounted rate (starting at $30.00 for an hour massage).  We consider our clients partners in the success of our students so we ask for understanding and input as they learn.  They will make mistakes.  They may be nervous.  They may be practicing something and not get it quite right.  That said, our students are trying so hard and our long-term clients rave about the massages they get.  The students are hungry for your feedback.  We will always ask before you leave for what you loved and what the student can improve upon.  The students will also ask.  Please take a minute to thoughtfully give them input.

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Students do not start working on the public until the second half of the program.  By the time they begin in student clinic, they already have many, many hours of practice.  During the time that they are in clinic, they continue to learn additional skills that they are encouraged to practice in clinic.  We ask you to encourage and allow practice- YOU are the BEST vehicle for them to become stellar massage therapists.  If you feel like a student massage is not right for you, please ask us for referrals.  We can find a local massage therapist who is perfect for you.  Student clinics aren’t for everyone- we know that!

Every six months, the group of students in clinic changes as one class graduates and another class starts their time in clinic.  We know that there are students you wish would never graduate- PLEASE feel free to connect with them before they graduate and follow them into their own practice.  At any time, you can contact the school to ask where your favorite graduate is practicing.  We encourage our students to get some of their first clients right through our student clinic.  Although we love to have you as a client, we absolutely love when you leave us to become a regular for a CRI graduate.